About Us

Established in 2010 Six Star Market is the first Bulgarian store in Massachusetts and neighboring states.  In addition to the wide variety of Eastern European goods, our family-owned and operated shop offers homemade Bulgarian grill specialties, which are made in-house weekly! Kufte, kebapche, country sausage, karnache - just to name a few! :) 
Among the Bulgarian essentials are the authentic yogurt Trimona, wide variety of lutenitsa brands, feta cheeses, kashkaval, deli selections (Lukanka, sudjuk, fillet Elena, pasturma), wafers, sweets and snacks!  We also offer many products from Romania (Zakuska, Borsec water, Eugenia Cookies), Russia (Grechka/buckwheat, Sprats, Kvas), Turkey (Lokum, Roasted Seeds, Sweets, Ulker Chocolates).